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-The Mothers-


Melon is an ACA registered and shown Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer born in November 2017. She is now retired and an enjoying her "kid free" life at rrschnoodles!


Lemon is a black miniature schnoodle. She is the daughter Melon and was born April 2019. From the day she was born her personality stole our hearts. She is extremely intelligent and fun loving. Her favorite things to do are cuddle up on the chair with anyone who will give her attention and helping with the chores in the morning and evening. She is an avid swimmer and frog chaser. She was extremely easy to train and loves to please. 


Kiwi is a black and silver ACA registered miniature schnauzer born January of 2021. She is a sister of Melon and Olive! Kiwi is the most docile and low energy of the sisters! She loves playing with the other dogs and exploring on the farm. Her favorite past time is napping! She passes on her chill outlook on life and love of people to her pups!


Olive is a black and white ACA registered miniature schnauzer born July 2021. She is a sister of Melon and Kiwi. Olive has the most carefree personality! She loves to run and help with chores on the farm. She is spunky and fun!  She is a great companion and would do anything to please her owner!

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